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Going to a new place can be intimidating at times if you don't know where to go once you get there. To the left is a campus map that will show you where to go once you arrive at our campus. Should you need any additional help finding anything, our friendly greeters will gladly assist you in getting you and your children to their proper classrooms.



1. Our worship is “EXPRESSIVE”: we encourage everyone to express themselves freely as they communicate with God in their own way.  We believe that true worship results in a powerful spiritual encounter with God.


2. Our prayers are “vocal”: you may hear both the prayer leader and others praying out loud at the same time.  Don’t let this intimidate you - please join us by praying in whatever way is comfortable for you, even if you pray silently!


3. Our services are “demonstrative”: as the Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 2:4, the Holy Ghost should be demonstrating God’s Majesty beyond what words can express.  You may see a healing, a miracle, or a ‘God Moment’ - where the Spirit of God works miraculously in an individual’s life.  Don’t be alarmed - this is both Biblical and Pentecostal.


4. Our preaching is “passionate”: you will not only hear practical messages that impact your every day life, you will also hear and feel the passion of God’s Spirit speaking through the preaching.  You may experience a “WOW!” moment of your own, as the Lord speaks specifically into your life.


5. Our atmosphere is filled with “agape”, a Greek word meaning God’s love.  You will experience the warmth of a church that isn’t concerned with your past, but will accept you and help you to make your tomorrow better than your yesterday.  (Watch it - you’re likely to receive a handshake and a hug!)